Microdermabrasion, also known as microderm, is one of the easiest and most effective anti-aging treatments you can get. Originally offered by dermatologists its benefits are many: microderm softens fine lines and wrinkles, helps to smooth coarsely textured skin, decreses the appearance of scarring, strech marks and sun damage, decreases pore size and reduces superficial hyper-pigmentation, also known as age spots.

Diamond Microdermabrasion is also a very safe procedure for around the eyes and mouth, where we know lays the most delicate skin. Unfortunately, these areas are usually where the first signs of aging appear.Fine lines often develop in these places and often are the main reason many search for skin treatments in the first place.

Microdermabrasion also makes it easier for high-tech skin care products to penetrate into the deeper layers of he skin and help build collagen, which gives skin its youthful appearance. One of the key factors that make this treatment so popular is that it is a non-surgical procedure which can be performed during lunch hour. By using special microdermabrasion equipment, the diamond microdermabrasion treatment can be applied on the face, the neck, the decolletage and the back.

Diamond microdermabrasion machine uses diamond tips to perform skin exfoliation. During the treatment, the microdermabrasion tip, covered with tiny diamonds is placed on the skin surface to clean the pores and at the same time loosening the dead skin cell before suctioning them off as in the traditional microdermabrasion procedure.

*Here are some precautions to consider before getting a Diamond Microdermabrasion treatment. If you fall under any of these points please consult with your doctor before booking.

You’re currently using isotretinoin (formerly sold as Accutane) or have used this medication within the last 6-12 months.

You’re currently using topical retinoids.
These can make your skin more susceptible to irritation. (Other topical acne treatments can too, so tell your technician about everything you’re using on your skin.)

You have moderate to severe inflammatory acne. Microdermabrasion isn’t the treatment of choice for inflammatory acne. Plus, it hurts when it’s done over inflamed pimples

Your doctor mixes the idea. If you’re under a dermatologist’s care for acne,check with your doctor first. You’ll want to get the OK before having a microdermabrasion treatment done

Other Important Points for the first 3 days after treatment

  • You may apply makeup 3 to 4 hours after your treatment.
  • Avoid abrasive sponges for 1 week after your treatment.
  • Avoid sun exposure.
  • DO NOT pick, peel, scrape, scratch or wax your skin.
  • If your skin is dry use moisturizer as many times a day as you like.
  • It is very important NOT to EXERCISE for 24 hours after a treatment.

Perspiration will produce a stinging sensation on newly treated skin which can take several hours to dissipate